Biochemical Evaluation of Testosterone Levels Pre- and Post-Treatment in Individuals with Acne Vulgaris: An Analysis using A Case-Control Study Design


  • Farid Ullah Shah Department of Biochemistry, Pak International Medical College Peshawar-KP
  • Naseem Zehra Department of Pharmacy, Comsats University Islamabad (Abbottabad Campus)
  • Aziz Ur Rehman Department of Biochemistry, Bacha Khan Medical College Peshawar-KP 5Department of Medicine, HITEC IMS, Taxila-Punjab
  • Babar Shehzad
  • Feroz Khan
  • Muhammad Shahid Khan


Acne vulgaris,, inflammatory disease, Testosterones, Androgens


Objective: The objective of this study was the biochemical assessment of the levels of free testosterones in women presenting with acne vulgaris.

Methods: This study was carried out at a tertiary care hospital in Peshawar-KP, Pakistan, from January to December 2022. The ethical approval was obtained from the institutional review board. Of 120 enrolled patients with acne vulgaris within a year, they were classified I-IV according to Pillsbury's scale. 100 participants attended a follow-up, while the rest were lost to follow-up. Data from 90 patients was entered into SPSS version 22 and analyzed. 0.05 value was considered significant statistically.

Results: The study found mean free testosterone levels of 1.80 ± 1.00 pg/mL before and 1.50 ± 0.84 pg/mL after treatment, showing statistical significance (p = 0.006). For grade III patients, pre-treatment levels were 1.40 ± 1.22 pg/mL, post-treatment were 1.0 ± 0.66 pg/mL, with no statistical significance. In grade IV patients, pre-treatment levels were 1.62 ± 1.11 pg/mL, post-treatment were 1.34 ± 0.80 pg/mL, showing statistical significance (p = 0.007).

Conclusion: As Acne vulgaris and free testosterone are mutually associated, it should be needed to measure free testosterone levels in subjects reporting with acne vulgaris, particularly in cluster of 16–35 years of age. The anti-androgen treated and treatment-resistant cases might be designated in cases with raised free testosterone levels.






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