Psychological Health Challenges Faced by Women in Pakistan: A Study from Twin Cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi


  • Asima Mehaboob Khan Associate Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatry Department Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad Pakistan Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Rizwan Taj Dean Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Chairperson Psychiatry Department of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Aamir Naveed Postgraduate Psychiatry Trainee, Psychiatry Department Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Islamabad, Pakistan


Depression, Suicidal Ideation, Memory Loss, Sexual Harassment.


Objective: To assess the psychological health challenges faced by the women in Islamabad and Rawalpindi (community of town areas and slums).

Methodology: The cross-sectional descriptive research study with a sample size 240 patients was conducted in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad to assess the prevalence of different psychological problems faced by women permanently resident there. The respondents were assisted in understanding the questionnaire. The primary data was accumulated in Microsoft Excel sheet and statistical analysis was done SPSS, version 22. A frequency distribution test and descriptive statistical analysis was carried out to draw the inferential information.

Results: The statistical analysis presented that the women were suffering from a diversified number of psychological health challenges which are caused by psychological violence 42.4%, sexual harassment and workplace fears 28.21% and psychological, physical violence 29.5%. The women were suffering from the number of diseases such as memory and concentration problem 34.17%, irregularities in the activities 10.284%, difficulties in decision making 35.42%, loss of interest in things 29.17%, feelings of worthlessness 42.5%, suicidal ideation or intention 58.75%. Depression among the women was found 55.9%, in four forms, such as borderline clinical depression, moderate depression, severe and extreme depression. About 1.39% of women were suffering from the extreme level of depression.

Conclusion: It was concluded that the health of the woman in Rawalpindi in Islamabad is greatly affected by the factors such as physical, psychological and sexual violence. They are suffering from the moderate to extreme level of depression, suicidal ideation and other psychological problems such and as memory loss and feeling themselves as worthlessness.






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